21 Jan

10 Cosmopolitan Countries Where Muslims Can Live Freely

Although there are many Muslim countries in the world offering great lifestyle, they may not be as big as these countries. These countries have been rated on different aspects. If you’re a Muslim looking to study anywhere outside the country, you’d choose a European country, not any other Muslim country, because you’ll have great opportunities to learn there.

If you’re a professional, you will look for business growth, job success and security, and chances for prosperity. You will definitely choose a country that offers best remuneration and growth opportunities.

At the same time, you’ll also take into account as to how much these countries have been paying attention towards preserving human rights. You’ll definitely look into the factors of religious freedom while choosing any of the country.

Muslims need confidence that the product they’re using do not contradict with Islamic principles. That’s why halal certification agencies like Halal Advisory have been making it easier for them to trust retailers and manufacturers.

This post takes into account these factors, plus a major factor of halal certification.

  1. China

China may not have been the country with largest Muslim population, but it’s values and culture suggest it has a potential to accept Muslims in large number.

  1. United States

This country has always been people’s favorite, because of the liberal rules and religious freedom. The country is home to millions of people following different religions and representing multitude of cultures.

  1. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is second in the list with most number of Muslim communities. In fact, there are so many areas where Muslim communities live without any religious restrictions. The country offers cultural diversity and its rules and regulations are same for all nations.

  1. Canada

One of the emerging countries with growing Muslim population in the world – Canada has made amendments to the rules and regulations for Muslims and make it easier for them to reside. There are plenty of halal certification companies that ensure Muslims have halal products as food and drink.

  1. India

The second largest country with most population in the world also has a large number of Muslims living in it for decades. Except for few riots in certain parts, most parts of India have been stabilized and different communities live there with utmost peace and harmony.

  1. Norway

Norway needs no introduction. It’s quite similar to England in terms of law practices, and certainly favors people with bright ideas.

  1. Germany

The country with religious freedom protects the right of everyone living in it. So, Germany is great for Muslims, especially for engineers, doctors and people with unique skills.

  1. Scotland

The place is not as populated as other parts of Europe but it has a scope for Muslims. There are many Muslims working in government and as members of parliament.

  1. Australia

Another place where Muslims have been growing, Australia is progressing day and night. It has opportunities for everyone irrespective of the religion

  1. Japan

One of the Asian Giants, Japan is a country where everyone is considered equal. So, try your luck if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.