19 Jun

Why should I visit a gynecologist?

Are you planning to locate the best gynecologists in Thane? The doctors who specialize in female reproductive system offer you the knowledge of how to take care of your own body. It is pretty exciting to know all is going well with puberty, reproductive system and so on.

Just keep in mind that the other doctors too can help with gynecological issues. They can examine your vagina and provide answers to your questions. Of course, it can be stressful to visit a new doctor, but you can learn a lot of things when you visit them.

What happens during the course of visit?

You will be nervous at your first visit. Just keep in mind that half of the time will be spend in communicating. Generally, the doctor questions you to understand your family history and if you have any illness. You can also shoot questions to the doctor and do not worry as they would have heard unimaginable questions till now. You can ask any concerns you may have during this visit.

During the course of the visit some of the routine procedures on a doctor’s check up table like measuring or weighing your pressure, along with examining your blood pressure is undertaken. They may also go on to check your private parts and your breast. It is certain that you will have some lumps in your breasts, but the doctor will check whether there is no pain in the lumpiness or the breasts.

All of you would have heard of Pap tests along with pelvic exams. You may wonder why you need them and till you are at age 21 you might not need them. But if you happen to be sexually active or have unusual symptoms like vaginal fluid or history problems, then there is a strong chance that your doctor will ask to perform both of them. You do not know what might emerge in the course of these tests. This is followed by a pelvic exam where the doctor goes on to examine the outside of the vaginal area referred as vulva. The doctor goes to use a tool known as speculum to locate inside your vagina and check to ensure that cervix is healthy. You will feel the pressure, as it will hurt. Try to relax and deep breathing can help. A pap test is undertaken by taking some cells from the cervix. They are checked for cancer or anything that can lead to cancer in the days to come. There are some options to make you comfortable as well:

  • When examinations take place and if it is a man, then a female nurse should be there in the room. In case if you are not comfortable you can always avail the services of a female doctor
  • You can ask any woman be it your mom, sister or friend to accompany you during the course of physical examinations
  • Ask questions on what is going to happen so that you can analyze better
  • Ask the doctor for keeping things private.

Finally, when you are choosing a gynecologist see that there happen to be an obstetrician in Thane. They are only authorized to deal with deliveries and it is better that you choose one in the starting stages of your pregnancy.